Partners With Police

We are excited to partner with our neighbors to provide the best quality police services we can. Exceptional police service begins with exceptional neighborhood partnerships. The police department can achieve only so much alone, but with your help we are able to make a proactive effort in keeping your neighborhood and your neighbors safe.

Strong neighborhood relationships deter criminal conduct at least as much as police presence. When people in neighborhoods know that the neighbors are looking out for each other, the probability of crime is greatly reduced. This is the premise for traditional neighborhood watch programs. The Byram Police Department has taken a new approach to neighborhood watch by partnering with folks just like you. Partners with Police, similar to neighborhood watch, is a neighborhood facilitated program. The difference in this program is that the Byram Police Department takes a proactive partner role, providing tools and direct assistance, to help your neighborhood watch program succeed. When you succeed, your neighborhood succeeds and thus the community as a whole is safer.

So what is the next step? Download the kit from the link below and get three or four of your nearest neighbors together and set up a short meeting with the police department in your neighborhood. We will work with you to implement each part of our Partners with Police program. Although we encourage regular meetings, they are not necessary. When you choose to have meetings, simply call the police department a few days prior and let us know so that we may have a representative present to answer and address all of your neighborhood questions. You and your neighbors make this program as formal or informal as you want it to be. We are here simply to help you make it succeed.

Partners with Police Starter Kit

If you would like someone to contact you about setting up Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood, please complete the information here.

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