Please complete this form if you have received a letter indicating that we are reviewing files and reports of items stolen. This review is routine and nothing here should suggest that there is any additional questions and/or information related to your case. If you have questions regarding the status of your case, please contact Byram Police Detectives at (601) 372-7747.

Information required on this form will appear on the letter that you received. Information you provide here will ensure that your item remains listed with the National Crime Information Center for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States if it is encountered by a law enforcement officer. All information is required.

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2a. Has your item been recovered and/or returned to you? YesNo

2b. If your item has been returned, have you reported this to the Byram Police Department? YesNo

2c. If you answered "yes", when did you report it returned to the Byram Police Department?

3. Did you file a claim with your insurance provider related to your item's theft/loss AND get reimbursed? YesNo

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